Our stone bullnoses are designed to not only match your paver choices but also to be a perfect fit for your pavers. There’s no need to stress about your corner pieces because no matter the angle, we’ve got you covered.

Our stone pavers are of the highest quality, they are extraordinarily strong, durable and made to last. Our pavers are hand made which gives each paver a distinct texture and colour, this adds a real unique and authentic look to your project.

We offer these pavers in a large range of sizes, colours and styles, come in to see the complete range today.

We sell to DIY enthusiasts who prefer to lay their own paving, or we can also install paving for those who would prefer professionals to do the work. It is our job to go the extra mile for every client as we believe that a one-on-one relationship ensures nothing less than quality craftsmanship and perfect service.

Here are some recent projects which used these pavers